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Set of Two Fur Weasel Toys (one Brown/White and one Multi-colored)

Set of Two Fur Weasel Toys (one Brown/White and one Multi-colored)

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Attention, all feline parents! Say goodbye to boredom with our Set of Two Fur Weasel Toys from Iconic Pet!

Made specifically for cats, these plush toys are ready to entertain and keep your four-legged buddies endlessly engaged. Designed to resemble cute cat toy mice, these toys are irresistible for both cats and dogs. Watch as your furry friends bat, chase, and pounce with pure delight! Each toy is crafted with premium plush material, ensuring hours of safe and playful fun.

So, why wait? Bring home the ultimate pet amusement with our Iconic Pet brand today!

• This adorable pet toy is going to bring out natural hunting instincts. Will help cat or dog in exercising and be more healthy and active, while stimulating them.
• Your pet will be happy chasing the weasel shaped exercise toy which makes your pet active and energized. The dog SQUEAKY toy is going to keep your pet engaged and give company even when you are not at home.
• This delightful fur weasel play toy for dogs and cats comes in set of 2 (1 in Brown & white color, another is multicolored). it is soft, comfortable and greatly attractive.
• The Fur weasel pet toys lasts longer for your puppy and Kitten. It is 11. 8 inches long making it perfect for small as well as medium sized dogs and cats.
• The high-quality squeaker toy that deliver quality sound, will keep your best friend entertained for hours. Safe and comfortable pet toy for the Modern pets and pet owners.



Product Dimensions (Length) - 11.8” (30 cm)

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